The IACOBUS program is designed as a collaboration project between Universities and Higher Education Centres of the Galicia-Northern Portugal Euroregion, managed by the European Association of Territorial Cooperation (AECT) GALICIA – NORTH OF PORTUGAL.

The IACOBUS programme finances students and professors exchange projects of universities of Galicia and Northern Portugal. The programme aims to promote the cooperation and exchange between human resources of higher education centres: professors, researchers, and administration and services staff, in order to carry out training, research and dissemination activities.

The program has been extended to other academic centres of the Macro-region (RESOE): Castile and Leon, Asturias, Cantabria and Central Portugal.

There are three guiding lines:

1.- Mobility Programs: in GRANT format following the IACOBUS methodology.

  • Mobility between researchers.
  • Mobility between students
  • Mobility between administration and staff services.

2.- Academic cooperation to obtain university degrees.

CRUSOE is emerging as a cooperation space for university degrees linked to the Macro-regional RIS lines when the participating Universities decide.

3.- Academic cooperation for Interuniversity Projects.

An example of this is the participation in SUDOE programmes, such as the Digital Technologies and New Architectures Project to Innovate Training
FORMAINNOVADIGITAL – which aims to strengthen the synergistic network operation of R&D at the transnational level in the specific sectors of SUDOE based on smart specialization.
In this context, it aims to enhance research, technological development and innovation, and its priority is to promote innovation abilities for a smart and sustainable growth